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Donation drive - August 2022


Hi ladies,


We haven't needed to run a donation drive in recent years, but we're re-implementing it this year. Our current balance is sitting around 2.5k, which doesn't leave us a lot of contingency if we experience any IT issues. Our official donation drive month will be August (and you'll hear plenty from us then!) but of course, anyone can donate whenever they wish. In years gone by, we've even had members set up direct debits of a few dollars a week/fortnight/month which definitely adds up over a 12 month period!  All donations are voluntary and anonymous and very much appreciated. And every little bit helps :) 


All contributions are used to cover the ongoing costs of maintaining the forum (registrations, licenses, web hosting, IT support, etc).


The account details are:


Solo Mums by Choice Australia

BSB: 084-004

Acc: 188886631


Thank you in advance :) 

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